Law office Mgr. Robert BANOS

Advokátska kancelária BÁNOS s.r.o. law firm is a young and dynamically evolving law firm. Its mission is to provide legal services on the whole territory of Slovak Republic in a range of languages including Slovak, English, French, Hungarian and also through law office partnerships on the territory of whole world. Our law firm network is seated in Galanta. In 2011, there were founded other branch offices in the town Dunajská Streda and in the town Vráble; in 2013 in the town Trenčín; and in 2014 in the town Bratislava.

ILOThe Law office Mgr. Róbert BÁNOS is a member of a wide-range of organizations and associations whether on the national or international level. Our Law office is for example a member of the International Law Office, the AEA International Lawyers Network etc.


Mgr. Róbert BÁNOS

The law office provides a wide range of legal services to domestic and foreign clients and that is equally to business entities and personal entities. The primary mission of our legal office is the offer of first class legal services to resolve problems of our clients rapidly and effectively because their contentedness is our top-priority task.

The Slovak Republic creates one of the very best investment environments in Europe. To satisfy foreign investors´ business objectives we provide comprehensive legal services to foreign investors entering or planning to enter the Slovak market, as well as to Slovak clients in all business relations.